These slats have an optimum level of sealing, so there will never be drips or water leaks. In addition, many of these pergolas have a system that allows water to be collected, which can be used to water plants, for example, revealing the great versatility of this type of pergolas.

The bioclimatic pergolas are one of the latest trends in sun protection systems that can be found on the market today. They have a great effectiveness, are integrated perfectly in any space and provide a large number of advantages, such as those we will see in this article.

Advantages of bioclimatic pergolas

One of the main advantages of having a bioclimatic pergola is that they have a great resistance and are composed of slats that can be opened, left tilted or even sealed in case of rain. Also, in this case, they have a water evacuation system that prevents accumulation. The slats can be oriented in the direction of the wind and the location of the sun for maximum comfort.

They are very versatile and allow many options, such as covering their sides, protecting the wind area and allowing to enjoy the outdoors even on the days when the wind is strongest. Not only protect against this element but also protect from the sun and solar radiation, protecting people who are under the protection of these pergolas.

In the event of rain, the slats can be closed and completely sealed and waterproof, completely isolating the protected area from rain or dew. In addition, if the sides are protected, the area will always be safeguarded from inclement weather, allowing maximum comfort at all times.