A modern and elegant solution that is perfect for balconies, terraces, and meeting rooms is glass curtains which are also known as frameless glazing. Glass curtains are panels of glass placed together to form a transparent barrier between your balconies, terraces, and meeting rooms and the outside world. They are commonly known as frameless glazing because they are normally frameless. They normally do not have frames thus they do not obstruct the natural view. There are many benefits to using glass curtains.

Glass curtains are especially perfect for balconies and terraces because they do not block scenic views since that glass is transparent. Apart from not blocking scenic views, glass curtains protect balconies and terraces from changing weather conditions. During the rainy season, they prevent rain from flashing into your balconies or terraces. They also help to keep your balconies and terraces clean in that they keep dust and dirt from entering. During the winter, the glass keeps out the cold allowing you to be able to sit in a warm environment during the winter. Glass curtains are not only perfect for changing weather conditions, they also allow maximum light to enter into your balconies, terraces, living room and meeting room. They do not restrict the natural flow of light but they do restrict the level of noise entering in from the outside.

Glass curtains differ from fabric curtains in that they do not harbor dust, they do not block light or vision, and they stay still during a storm. Fabric curtains require more time to be maintained because they become dirty very fast from the dust that they harbor. Since that fabric is not transparent, fabric curtains block light as well as vision and then sway with the wind during a storm or on a windy day.

Glass curtains are not only meant for home applications. They are also suitable for commercial applications. They can be used as enclosures or dividers for restaurants, hotels, offices, shopping arcades, swimming pools and large halls.

The common question that most people might have is whether or not glass curtains are safe. The fact is that glass curtains are indeed safe. The glass that they are made of needs to be approved first before it can be used. Glass curtains tend to be a deterrent to burglars. Burglars are more tempted to break into a house of office with an open balcony or terrace. A balcony or terrace with glass curtains does not appeal to burglars.


We only use top quality 10mm tempered glass. Employing this with our bottom weighted system makes for an incredibly robust and secure product. In our experience, using anything than 10mm glass leads to flexing and noise in windy conditions. Moreover, using 10mm glass greatly reduces external noise.

No gaps

Unlike other systems, the glass profiles, top and bottom, are inter-connected which means the panels are flush with no gap, giving the system a very pleasing finish.


Ours is a beautifully elegant system and the slimline nature of the profiles ensure the most unobscured views on the market.

Unique openings

Unlike other systems that offer only one style of opening “the top lock”, we offer a choice.

While we have the “top lock”, we also saw the need to design something more robust, practical, aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with traditional windows and doors. Hence we created our ” SIDE LOCK OPENING SYSTEM”, which is infinitely more secure and efficient.

Another innovation unique to ourselves is the “FLYING DOOR” opening system”. This gives customers the option of placing an independent “DOORWAY” at chosen position within the system that can be used when the rest of the system.

Noise reduction

Peace and quiet is always a benefit and the 10mm tempered glass we use in our system will help achieve this for you.

Wind reduction

While we all appreciate the weather here in Spain the wind can often temper our enjoyment of the wonderful Mediterranean. However, just few strategically closed panels of our glass curtain system put an end to this problem. It truly is an amazingly versatile product.


Increasing the useable living space of your home, increases its value and with the installation of our glass curtains, this is exactly what you will do. They will enable you to use your balcony, terrace, veranda etc. all year around.

Reduce the dust

We have all experienced the problem of cleaning our balcony or terrace only to find it needs re-doing 24 hours later. With the installation of our glass curtains, this headache will be a thing of the past.

Reduce living cost

The introduction of our glass curtains to your home will facilitate a drop in energy costs as not only will a secondary barrier help your property retain its heat but with glass magnifying the suns rays the system will assist in providing warmth in more inclement months.

Preserve your furniture

The system will provide protection to your often expensive balcony and patio furniture while simultaneously removing any storage problems.


We manufacture our own system and offer you peace of mind with a full 5 year guarantee.

Customer service

Here at our company we place great emphasis on customer care and support. Our trained dedicated and multilingual are at your disposal to provide you with the customer service possible.