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Large throws add to the exterior look and decor of the room; The first thing is to choose which type of curtains fits the design of the room, and the second is that the curtains do not take up any vacant space in the room and we do not need to move any furniture from its place.

Variety of different types that you can choose in case you add some flair and style to your home. Hence we had this article in which we talk about blackout curtains.

Curtains give great importance to the exterior appearance and room decor, and what makes the curtains this important, these curtains aim to block the light completely and are suitable for bedrooms.

Types of Blackout Curtains

Murgrona: They are curtains of mixed materials that contain a large percentage of polyester, they are available in multi-colored patterns, and they are easy to install in main rings on the curtain rod, easy to disassemble, install and wash.

Sanela: Another model of IKEA products in the blackout curtains, which is a thick curtain that provides privacy and darkness for rooms, and it, is a two-piece curtain that moves horizontally, made of 100% cotton materials, which can be installed and removed easily.

Hoppvals: Blackout non-woven polyester curtain can be dry wiped only as it is not washable, the curtain moves vertically using a hidden rope inside for added safety for children.

Glansnava: Durable distinctive curtain has a double liner that can be detached separately, which makes it more privacy and blackout, and protection from drafts and dust outside, the curtain is 100% polyester.