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Perhaps this topic will help a lot in understanding how sliding aluminum lebanon works, and we specifically mention Lebanon, because of course it is the focus of our readers’ attention, and accordingly, for more information, please read the next few lines very carefully.

Good Sliding Aluminum Lebanon Terms

1- It is preferable that aluminum be made of alloy No. 6063 and the percentage of aluminum is not less than 98% according to international specifications.

2- The aluminum surfaces are either anodizing / electrical oxidation with a thickness of not less than 15 microns or thermal spray with a thickness of not less than 60-80 microns.

3- Designed according to international specifications and standards.

4- It is characterized by thermal insulation.

5- Durable and strong endurance tested with the accessory in the opening and closing mechanism.

6- Frames are easy to assemble and install, as all operations are carried out automatically using perforating machines.

7- A wide range of locks and handles characterized by modernity, attractive designs, high quality and long service life.

8- Enhanced anti-theft protection solutions that delay entry for more than 3 minutes by combining double laminated glass and special closing systems.

9- Reducing the intensity of the noise, as it is preferred to be characterized by sound insulation up to 35-34 decibels.

10- The possibility of obtaining two different colors for the aluminum profile / color inside – color outside.

11- It combines durability, elegance and ease of use with an attractive and modern appearance with windows and doors.

12- Additional safety boosters in tires.

13- Full compatibility between sections with doors and windows, and hinged doors and windows.

14- It is preferable that the maximum weight of the window with a horizontal or vertical axis is 200 kg, and also that the maximum weight of the window opening should be 130 kg.