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For those who do not know or have heard of Sunscreen Curtains, they are a distinct invention for all openings, and they protect from the summer sun. As these sun blinds are easy to use and economical as well. It is generally used to protect children from the scorching and harmful rays of the sun. So we decided to write this article for you specifically about it to list more information about it.

Advantages of Sunscreen Curtains

1- Resistant to ultraviolet rays.

2- Environmentally friendly and healthy.

3- Durable and can be washed and cleaned.

4- It can cover various openings of different shapes and sizes.

5- It enables you to sleep peacefully during nap time.

6- Keep things cool and do not overheat by direct exposure to the sun.

Types of Sunscreen Curtains

1- Fabric blinds: The cheapest products are those made of fabric – they are easier, but have a shorter life, over time when exposed to sunlight, and the effects of temperature. They wear out quickly and have little resistance to dust in the air. And generally the cost of this type of blinds depends on the material from which these blinds will be made.

2- Wood Blinds: The most expensive blinds are those made of wood among various other types. It is environmentally friendly, and is suitable for any situation, as it gives the place an aesthetic appearance and blends well with any other decorative interior elements, and it gives strong protection from the sun’s rays. It can be painted with a special paint to avoid direct sunlight.

3- Bamboo blinds: They are lightweight. It can be used in offices, kitchen room or at home in general, as well as small stores, shops and salons.

4- Aluminum horizontal shutters: They are the most expensive, because these shutters are based on aluminum alloy plate.


What is Sunscreen Curtains?

What is Sunscreen Curtains?

What is Sunscreen Curtains?