Benefits of a vertical awning:

1- Use all year round

These types of awnings are resistant to both heat and to different inclemencies of weather such as rain or wind. So it can be used during all the seasons of the year without having to worry that it will be spoiled. We only have to worry about giving it the greatest possible use and enjoy the exterior spaces of our home throughout the year!

2- Distinctive Environments

Its use can be combined at different times of the year to obtain numerous types of environment: in the colder months we can take advantage of this space to install a living room, while in the hottest months can be used to establish a space of greater privacy.

3- Personalized

At Beydoun, we offer you the possibility of your vertical awning carrying plastic window and, in turn, this can have an impression in pictures that will give a more elegant appearance.

4- Light Entrance

When carrying window, they perfectly allow the entrance of natural light from the exterior of our house, so that during the day, we will not need any type of lamp so that the area where the enclosure has been made is illuminated.