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This question, which represents an objective title, came to me a lot whenever I saw a curtain of someone somewhere. In fact, there are many pieces of furniture and furnishings that have vanished with time and other pieces and furnishings appeared in their place, perhaps because the goal is to be performed by other inventions and new innovative products that appeared later, but hey this didn’t happen with blinds you see why? This is what we decided to discuss over the next few lines.

Curtains aren’t just for blocking sunlight

They also add an aesthetic touch to the house and give it a wonderful decor that harmonizes with the rest of the furnishings and furniture in the place, so the curtains have maintained their position over time.

Curtains evolve

After they were made of a certain type of cloth and nothing else, now they are made of several types of cloth, and after they were manual, they became electric, and they are opened by remote control. Thus, we find that curtains are a product that is constantly evolving over time, so it is not replaced by another product as it is subject to development and renewal.

The curtain blocks the view and often does not block the light

You need the light and at the same time you do not want people to see you, so the solution is the curtain. Closing the window does not make you enjoy enough light and opening it without an obstacle that prevents others from seeing you does not achieve the required privacy.

Curtains, although they are accessories, after installing them, they cannot be dispensed with

Try it yourself. When you see your balcony doors or windows without a curtain, it may seem normal from your point of view, but once the curtains are installed, they give you a wonderful view that becomes difficult to do without after getting used to it except by changing the curtain. Do not take it off as if it was not installed. Be as comfortable with the view as you were before.