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Curtains are one of the important pieces in the home, and their importance is not limited to adding an aesthetic touch to the place, but also has other tasks that include protection and mitigating the sun’s rays, and giving privacy to the people of the house. The designs and shapes of curtains vary; some of them are suitable for luxurious classic decorative patterns, or modern and elegant decorative patterns. In this article, we will highlight the latest curtains and the rules for using curtains in decoration.

Organza curtains

Organza curtains are similar to chiffon curtains, but they are thicker and have a distinctive sheen that makes them more luxurious, so it is possible to use this type of curtains in guest rooms.

Velvet curtains

The use of velvet in the decor takes the place to a classic, upscale style, and velvet curtains give weight and luxury to the rooms, so they are the ideal type to be used in salons with an elegant classic style.

Cotton curtains

Cotton curtains are widely used in bedrooms, kitchens and sitting rooms, as they are considered practical curtains that are easy to wash and clean, and do not require much effort when ironing. Cotton curtains are suitable for rooms with simple designs, and are available in various shapes, designs and colors.

Rules for using curtains in decoration

Curtains with patterns or curtains without patterns?

It is preferable to use curtains that are free of patterns and drawings if the design of the rooms bears patterns in the room’s paint, carpets or bedding. If the design of the room is characterized by a simple decoration style, curtain designs with patterns or drawings can be used.

Curtain width

It must be taken into account when placing the tube that carries the curtains that it is outside the borders of the window with a distance of not less than 13-18 cm, in order to allow the entire window to be exposed when the curtains are opened, to ensure that the light enters fully into the room.