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Before talking about Somfy Awnings Lebanon, let us first look at the distant past. Although the wealthy owned lush gardens, they remained at the mercy of nature, waiting for the mild weather to enjoy them. Then the matter progressed a little, so humans invented umbrellas and pergolas, but the problem is that the weather is not winter. He needs such umbrellas and pergolas, and therefore the garden is divided into two parts, one of which is enjoyed in winter and the other in summer, but enjoying the entire garden in summer and winter is not available.

How did Somfy Awnings Lebanon achieve the difficult equation?

As for today Somfy Awnings in Lebanon were able to achieve the difficult equation at last. With the push of a button, the umbrella moves to protect you from the scorching sun in summer and rain in winter. With the same click, the umbrella is closed, so you can enjoy the evening breezes in the summer and the warm sunshine during the day in the winter. The garden is not divided into parts, each of which is specific to a particular season. And enjoy the full garden at any time.

Why Somfy Awnings specifically and not others in Lebanon?

  1. High quality materials that are manufactured with high durability.
  2. Definite protection from various bad weather conditions and factors in the area it covers.
  3. Ease of use and not easily damaged.
  4. It does not take long to install.
  5. Very good prices when compared to the efficiency in performing the tasks and the high materials.
  6. Excellent customer service that won everyone’s trust.
  7. Somfy is multi-product. It provides pergolas that move with the push of a button, thus controlling whether the sun enters the area or not, as well as achieving protection from rain. You can combine them in the purchase.