Did you know that your shower is kind of like your very own personal oasis? Think about it… Your shower is a refreshing cold escape after a long, hard workout and it’s a relaxing wake-up call first thing in the morning. Oh, and we all know showers have the absolute best acoustics for belting out the latest tunes.

But there’s just something about maneuvering around a thin, flimsy shower curtain that can ruin the entire oasis vibe. Shower curtains are floppy. They’re clumsy. They’re hard to keep clean. And they’re just your average, run-of-the-mill pain in the neck.

If only there was a solution to the conundrum that is the modern-day shower curtain. Oh wait; there is a glass shower door enclosure! And your local Glass specialist (Beydoun) can undoubtedly save the day by installing a glass shower door enclosure that will specifically fit your needs. Say “goodbye” to your dingy, dilapidated and worn out shower curtain. And say “hello, gorgeous” to a brand new glass shower door.

Glass specialists (Beydoun) recommends glass shower door enclosures not just because they’re pretty, but also because:

  1. A glass shower door eliminates cool, breezy drafts that are common with shower curtains.
  2. A glass shower door gives the illusion of a larger bathroom space.
  3. A glass shower door allows more light in the shower so you don’t de-dandruff your arms by mistake.
  4. A glass shower door helps you show off pretty shower tile.
  5. A glass shower door increases the value of your home.

So, unless you like the look and feel of a breezy, dark shower, maybe a new glass shower door is just what you need.