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We have talked a lot about Somfy Umbrellas and you may have also read a lot about it, but what we are going to discuss now in this article is probably something you have never thought about when it comes to: Can Somfy Awnings malfunction? The answer is yes of course, it is like any device that may malfunction without the issue being due to a defect in its manufacture, but perhaps a defect in use or even the occurrence of a certain emergency circumstance, and accordingly, in order to master the handling of Somfy Awnings, we decided to explain to you through the next few lines the most important of these malfunctions of those Awnings and how to handle them well.

1- High electricity to Somfy Awnings

Somfy Awnings are powered by electric motors. Hence, if electricity with a voltage difference greater than that which the motor can bear or a current greater than that which the motor bears enters it, this leads to damage to the motor, and the treatment of this problem is with the help of a specialized electrician to treat the matter.

2- Rodents

If the umbrellas were cloth or wooden, for example, rodents might damage and tear them, and treat this matter by knowing the nature of the place. If the place is full of rodents, be sure to get rid of them by the known means, with the necessity of using a material other than cloth that rodents cannot control.

3- The remote control is damaged

This may happen simply either for children to play with it or for water to enter it and here there is a difficulty in dealing with the umbrella, and it is preferable in this case to refer to the company to do the necessary. In general, you should maintain the remote control.