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Glass Curtains Service In Lebanon

Glass Curtains

Glass Curtains Service

Glass curtains protect the room from water splashes, and also place the bathroom in separate functional areas, which facilitates a clear organization. But if soft curtains are practically not surprising, then the glass curtain immediately attracts attention, so it looks unusual.

Most modern design solutions for bathrooms include the installation of a glass curtain. Optimally selected sizes, methods of fastening curtains contribute to increased functionality. Staying in it becomes more comfortable.

Special advantages of Glass Curtains:

It is made of tempered glass. Auxiliary elements make it plastic or polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is considered the safest material. It is not by chance that they are installed in homes where families with young children live. For greater security, the curtain is covered with a special film that will not allow splinters to spread.

The fungus on the surface of the glass itself will not start. To prevent mold, it should be cleaned regularly with any glass cleaner.

The design or the colors do not affect the light transmittance of the curtains. Also, lowering the temperature will not make the image faded. For many years the curtain will look aesthetically pleasing.

Types of Glass Blinds:

1- Frame products are sheets of glass that are inserted into a frame made of plastic or metal. Frameless blinds are provided with installation and opening fittings. They are easier to install, and look more elegant.

2- Variant blinds are beautiful, but impractical. They open like closet doors, which hide a lot of empty space. Yes, and with a water-proof function such curtains do not matter, because they are completely tightly closed will not work. Therefore, lovers of water procedures and families with children should pay attention to more realistic and practical models.

3- Installation of sliding blinds provides a complex system of grooves and fittings. Installing it yourself is not so easy. The doors inside the structure move along the guides along the frame, which prevents water from spilling onto the floor. The curtain is compact, looks neat, and therefore is suitable for a bathroom of any size.

Glass Curtains Lebanon…. Seclusion from dust and connection with nature

Glass curtains in Lebanon are no longer just barriers of glass that distort the public view more than they decorate it as it was in the past, when they were walls fixed with aluminum columns, and only one window could be opened, now they have many advantages that give a sense of comfort and communication Perpetual with the outside world and natural theoretical extension. This means, then, a sense of the spaciousness of the space as well as protection from wind, dust and noise and it also allows the balcony to be used throughout the seasons.

How do glass blinds give you nature and protect you from its harmful factors?

Based on the foregoing, many people in Lebanon have become accepting of these curtains to create a new space that can be used as a room in its own right, independent and open to the outside, decorated with pieces of furniture according to its purpose, while not neglecting its primary role as a balcony for the house that opens to the outside world. It is decorated with all kinds of plants and flowers.

This increases the demand for glass curtains by some also on the grounds that they are an extension of one of the rooms of the house, as they allow maximum ventilation in hot summer days and complete protection from wind and rain in winter.

Tips for glass curtains to become a window on nature and a protection from dust

First, it is necessary to select the types of glass for blinds according to the area or floor in which they will be installed. High floors overlooking the sea or mountainous areas that are exposed to strong winds in the winter need curtains with a thickness of at least 10 millimeters, while coastal areas and basements do not require more than 8 millimeters.

We will find that glass curtains are designed to suit different shapes of balconies, round, straight or multi-angle, thus conveying the atmosphere of nature to the place while isolating the annoying sounds and dust.

As for the size of the glass panels, it is also divided according to the customer’s requirements, as there are no specific standards that are supposed to be adhered to, especially since they are installed with sturdy devices to seal them and ensure the largest possible amount of safety and protection.

You must be aware that the presence of glass curtains does not preclude the use of cloth curtains, provided that the appropriate ones are chosen, so that they are not of the type that reduces the luster and beauty of the glass.

Tips for choosing:

Contact the manufacturer before purchasing.

Learn more about your favorite model; determine the warranty period, the rules of care and operation.


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Glass Curtains

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