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For those who live in Lebanon, we decided to provide them with information about the most important types of sunscreen blinds available there, especially with its enormous popularity in the country, which made many people buy it due to its many advantages as well, so this article will help those who are interested in this matter in Lebanon to make a decision The right thing about buying sunscreen blinds that matches their desires and suits the needs of their homes and different workplaces, if you are one of them, please read this topic to the end.

Sunscreen automatic blinds

They are those that operate electrically by motors so that they open and close automatically, and thus they are effort-saving.

Classic Sunscreen Blinds

Many of them are characterized by aristocracy and elegance, suitable for luxurious homes and non-modern decorations in general.

Sunscreen curtains made of PVC

They are fabric sunscreen curtains that differ in their material from the blackout curtains, although they are completely fabric like them, but the difference in the material of the fabric is the luxury of PVC, from which the sunscreen curtains are made.

Modern sunscreen curtains

They differ from classic curtains in that they may seem more simple and practical, and many people prefer them for their workplaces or for their homes that are furnished with modern furniture.

Sunscreen office curtains

And it has a special design so that it can only be installed in the workplace and offered by many companies with many other office curtains such as Zebra and Blackout. Just know the materials and designs and what functions they can perform inside the place to choose the most appropriate.

Sunscreen polyester curtains

It is a wonderful type of curtains, some of which are resistant to many environmental factors and some are made of polyester with PVC, to finally appear as a sunscreen that performs the purpose to the fullest.