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If you decide to buy Somfy awnings Lebanon now, you should immediately read this article, where we list the five most important tips that will help you a lot when dealing with this type of umbrellas in order to achieve the ideal use of them and then make the best use of them.

Take care of the final look of your garden

Before installing Somfy Awnings, you must have in your mind a conceptual image of the shape of the garden that you want it to be and the decorations you want in the garden. All of this will certainly affect the placement of the awnings in the garden.

Do not interfere with the installation of Somfy awnings

Specialists are able to install Somfy shades, but if you try to install them yourself, it may lead to a problem. Fortunately, Beydoun Blinds & Glass Specialists in Lebanon provides you with these technicians.

Adhere to the instructions for use

This commitment is what does not expose the umbrellas to damage. Somfy Awnings have a very long life, but provided that their instructions for use are adhered to, otherwise the company in Lebanon is not responsible, which is what the company makes clear to any customer when he deals with it.

There are no price negotiations in the company in Lebanon

Many of those who deal with Somfy in Lebanon think that they can get discounts in the price of Somfy Awnings, so this advice was necessary that Somfy offers certain offers to all customers or for certain purchases, but to offer a discount to a specific customer based on his request, this will not happen.

Cleaning and caring for Somfy awnings is essential

Unfortunately, many customers neglect cleaning the umbrellas because we find them saturated with dirt and sand, which is reflected in the use of them. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of their cleanliness according to the company’s instructions in Lebanon, with a periodic examination of them to take care of them.