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All types of Indoor curtains, the most famous at all, we put in your hands in this article. As the interior curtains raise the concepts of protection, isolation and privacy to new levels of beauty, comfort and confidence, as they reveal new horizons and break the barriers of traditional home decoration.

And the general types of these curtains are: zebra blinds – bamboo blinds – wooden blinds – blackout blinds – vertical blinds – metal blinds.

Zebra indoor curtains:

There are children’s and zebra blinds for bedrooms and reception, and they are available according to the appropriate size for the space, including many designs and colors to choose.

Wooden Curtains:

These wooden curtains come in many colors and the curtain carrier fabric tape can be chosen to match the color of the curtain as per your choice.

These blinds are easy to maintain and allow controlling the amount of light coming by adjusting the position of the wooden slats. As for the features of the product, the brown wood slats are available in different degrees of colors to integrate with some natural furnishings such as wood and stone…etc. The wood slats with White color fits best with black / white interiors.

Metal Blinds:

Metallic aluminum blinds are highly efficient at blocking harsh sunlight and UV rays while still letting in an ample amount of light into your room. Precisely spaced aluminum slats will keep the furniture and floor coverings in their original condition and rich colors. The product features are that you get exactly the level of light you want with this metal curtain, and enjoy a clear view without barriers, or complete blackout for the purpose of privacy or thermal insulation. Optimized for children.

Blackout Curtains:

These block 85%-99% of UV rays (color blinds. They also reduce noise. Blackout curtains also balance room temperature by insulating against summer heat and winter cold. Protect furniture and floors.

You can check here all our Interior Blinds and share your thought with us.

You can check here all our Interior Blinds and share your thought with us.