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The pergola is not just a decoration or something that achieves a certain service in a garden so that it can be dispensed with, such as a fountain, for example, or a swimming pool, and so on. The session, then, looks like an integrated life surrounded by a lush garden. With the ease of obtaining them and their simple price compared to swimming pools, fountains, and the rest of the garden decorations, as well as the advantage they give to the garden that we mentioned previously, the demand for pergolas in Lebanon in particular has become very high in the current period, and for this we have this article in which we briefly explain many of the things that pergolas so you know them well.

Pergola Benefits

1- It protects from the scorching sun by providing a shady place and at the same time it does not prevent the air breezes on those who sit in it.

2- Provides a good place for climbing plants to grow, such as ivy.

3- Provide a place that does not allow others to spy on you.

4- The garden is given distinctive decorations while providing spaces for garden furniture without being exposed to any damage.

5- Provides shaded paths or with good views of the garden.

Tips when installing pergolas in the garden

1- Choose the material that matches the nature of the weather in which your garden is located in terms of humidity, temperature, etc.

2- It is necessary for the pergola to be designed and installed by specialists and professional technicians who have experience in the matter.

3- It is necessary to study the design of the garden well and determine the pergola that fits with this design.

4- Inquire about prices accurately and do not forget to make a distinguished comparison between them to choose the most suitable for you.