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The elegant and upscale homes of the wealthy are no longer those that are replete with antiques of carpets and furniture, but rather those homes that you can control in all their affairs through a set of verbal commands or some simple actions, so you open the house lights by clapping, not pressing the button and By opening the TV through a verbal command, not even by remote control, and to complete this wonderful image of this dazzling modern house or what is known as the smart home, Somfy blinds in Lebanon came to complement this grandeur through what they offer to the consumer, completely distinct from ordinary curtains, and this is what you will be sure of While reading the next few lines.

Somfy Blinds Control

Control of these curtains is through a remote control linked to the motor that moves the curtains, this control can be adjusted through a timer, so that the curtains automatically open at a certain time and close at a certain time, so you do not need to get up from your place and open or close the curtains yourself, only While you are sitting in your place, do whatever you want, and these are the characteristics of our modern era in which man provides all means of luxury for himself.

Can motors be installed for ordinary blinds so that they become automatic or smart blinds?

The answer is yes, but at the same time it is preferable to refer to the company in Lebanon to perform the inspection, and it is also preferable to refer to the specialists to do this matter accurately so that it is done well, otherwise it may not achieve the desired result and you will lose your money.

In the end, we stress the need to choose Somfy in the field of smart blinds over any other company, as it is undoubtedly the best.