When someone says roller blinds to you, this is probably what you think of first. A dimout roller blind in a window letting a small amount of light in, almost making the fabric glow when the sun hits it directly.

These blinds are perfect for any room in your home, and if you are a deep sleeper, can go in a bedroom. The material is not too thick or too thin, but come in a huge range of colours, with everything from shades of white and cream, through to greys, browns and blacks.

Dimout blinds are also the most common type of material to have patterns printed onto them. Again, when hit with light from behind they illuminate and the pattern is brought to life with the colour and vibrancy shining through. In terms of patterns, we have everything from stripes, geometric patterns through to delicate floral prints.

These blinds are also some of the most resilient, so, for example, our ‘Splash’ range is perfect for going above the kitchen sink or in a bathroom window as they can withstand some humidity and splashes hitting the material without it becoming damaged over time.