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Curtains Lebanon have achieved a good reputation in the world of furniture like no other, for example, elegant single vertical blinds designed to cover an entire window. As for if you are fond of simplicity, and then you can pull such curtains to one side. They give a sleek, modern look to just about any room. You can also use it for different types of windows. And in case you want to cover both sides of your window, then double blind is a good choice. For more information about Lebanon’s curtains, please read our article to the end.

Curtains Lebanon Types

1- Pencil pleated curtain: It is a kind of pleated curtain with single thin pleats. It’s more informal than box-pleated curtains. You can use it for simple spaces such as bedrooms or living rooms.

2- Box pleated curtain: Another good type of pleated curtain. It is made with deep folds and the folds extend over the entire length of the fabric. This gives full coverage to the room and a more polished look. It is suitable for dining rooms or bedrooms.

3- Pleated blinds: Pleated blinds are usually made of heavier and thicker fabrics. The pleats are pressed and sewn together at the top. This allows the pleats of the fabric to flow downward, giving it a formal and elegant look. They range from two-finger folds to five-finger folds. More pleats create a fuller look. They are suitable for master bedrooms, living rooms or leisure spaces.

4- Other types ofcurtains Lebanon: grommets, rod pockets, blinds, energy saving blinds, blackout blinds, energy saving blinds, window sill blinds, apron blinds.

With the conclusion of our article, we would like to clarify that we do not recommend a specific place to buy Lebanon’s curtains alone, but we advise you to take time when buying and choose the shape and colors of the curtain according to the decor in which it will be placed in order to ensure the aesthetic appearance of the place.