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Beydoun Glazing / Aluminum Service

Glazing / Aluminum

Glazing / Aluminum Service

As Beydoun Specialized in Glazing / Aluminum, we will talk about Glazing / Aluminum together.

As I will tell you, dear reader, how it is done and its nature with a lot of information about it. But let’s first get acquainted with the types of Glazing / Aluminum, namely:

1- Aluminum windows “cold”, such as the Spanish system Provedal.
2- Warm aluminum windows, such as the Newtek and Alumarkark system.

From this standpoint, we will talk about Glazing / Aluminum, which has its benefits:

The importance of Glazing / Aluminum

1- Aluminum’s durability and strength.

2- Fire safety the aluminum balcony is fire resistant. And even in case of fire, it will not release dangerous toxic substances (unlike materials like PVC or wood). This, of course, will facilitate evacuation and rescue operations in the event of such disasters.

3- Corrosion resistance. Glazing / Aluminum is always resistant to rust and rot.

4- The Glazing / Aluminum coating is very stable and rarely gets any scratches.

5- Its appearance is attractive. Any metal balcony is attractive in itself, and in the case of aluminum in addition, it can be painted in any color by RAL, as well as give it an antique bronze.

Why Glazing / Aluminum is made?

“Cold” Glazing / Aluminum is the best solution in 80% of cases of this type of aluminum.

As we find that in these cases the glazing can be stopped to reach 30 cm and thus increase the area of the balcony to 1 m.

Glass with cold aluminum is also less sensitive to forced oscillation and deformation, which always occurs during operation, therefore, your balcony windows will still be opened and closed without any damage even after 10 years.

Warm Glazing / Aluminum

Only fit in a small percentage of warm aluminum cases where it is still possible to create a warm glazing of the balcony! But here it is required that the buildings be new with a strong balcony.

Type of Glazing / Aluminum

  • Sliding Aluminum Systems
  • Fixed Aluminum Systems
  • Aluminum Customizing
  • Glass Curtains
  • Tempered Glass Systems
  • Shower Door Glass Systems
  • Stainless Steel Glass Systems
  • Roller Shutters Aluminum
  • Fly Screen Systems
  • Cleaning Glass


Sun Protection Solutions

Rain Protection Solutions

All Season Protection Solutions


Glazing / Aluminum

Looking to buy Glazing / Aluminum?

You can check out our range online or visit our showroom. We have showrooms located in Beirut Souks, Allenby Street, Suit 2029, Level 2&3, Louis Vuitton Building, Solidere, Beirut – Lebanon.

Contact us on +961 1 957 744 to arrange for one of our Glazing / Aluminum Specialized Member to come to you.

We have Sales Consultants in your area, please call or email to arrange an appointment. Don’t forget to ask about our Beydoun Price Promise.

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