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Why do we find the outer curtain / exterior blinds important for every home? It simply protects the balcony from both dust and neighbors’ eyes. It also protects the laundry from both rainwater and water that might drip from neighbors’ laundry. Therefore, it protects your privacy, and it is generally of different types and materials.

It may be made of the finest types of leather that are resistant to water, cutting and burning, and there are also the strongest cut-resistant fabrics that are used in its manufacture as well. And for more safety, we find that they are installed with the strongest iron pipes, which are also resistant to rust. As for the shapes and colors, they are multiple to suit all markets. Now here are a lot of details that you may need if you want to install such curtains in this article that we decided to write specifically for this purpose.

Best Outdoor Curtain/ Exterior Blinds

1- German leather curtains that is resistant to cutting and burning, as well as being water-resistant. It is one of the long-life materials, as well as the Italian tents used in this type of curtains in particular.

2- Tarpaulin canopy with German awnings and stainless steel pipes are used in its installation.

3- A curtain of tents and beach chairs is waterproof and blocks 90% of the light, and here the iron pipes for the curtain must have oven paints to resist weather factors and protect them from rust, i.e. electrostatic paints.

Tips when you decide to install an outdoor curtain/ Exterior Blinds

1- Choose the right color for the balcony paints.

2- Know the prices and choose the right one for you according to the materials offered to you.

3- It is preferable for someone with good experience in this field to install the curtain.

4- Choose the material that matches the purpose of your installation for this outdoor curtain.