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Because of the unexpected weather conditions that involve the presence of many windows that separate dust, fog, heat and sound in addition to blocking the light, external blinds have become a general staple in every home not only for their shape, but also due to the extent of their benefits as they are safe and can be operated manually or electrically using a device Remote control or even a wall switch. Hence we decided to devote this article in particular to talking about these outdoor blinds.

Tips for choosing the most suitable external blinds for your balcony

1- Find the best factories and companies in your country that deal with these curtains and offer the best types and tastes of them.

2- Do not forget to compare the prices of all the products offered to you in order to choose the most suitable.

3- Determine the purpose of the outdoor curtain you intend to install to determine which material and type to choose.

4- Find out from the company where you got your outdoor curtain how you can take care of it and extend its life.

The best materials used in the manufacture of external blinds

Mostly cloth is used. The suitable fabric for these curtains is according to the continuous sunlight in summer and the direction of rain in winter. But if the rain is heavy and the sun’s rays stay on the balcony for a long time, then linoleum is the most appropriate.

Disadvantages of external blinds

1- Not suitable if you intend to grow plants in your balcony, whether they are cosmetic plants or useful plants such as tomatoes and others.

2- You inadvertently cause your balcony to feel small.

3- It is preferable not to be of the fixed type that cannot be moved so that you can enjoy the light whenever you want to open it.