These are the only type of blind we say to install in a bedroom. The material is called ‘blackout’ because it blocks 100% of the light from passing through it. That goes for all colours too – white or black – they will all stop the light from passing through them.

Coming in a slightly smaller number of colours than the dimout blinds, these are still an incredibly popular type of blind for most rooms in the home.

Struggling with glare on your TV? A blackout blind will stop that. Need to help your children sleep in the summer? Blackout blinds will help there too. Honestly, once you’ve slept in a room with these types of blinds you’ll wonder how you ever coped before.

Now one thing to bear in mind is that although the fabric is blackout, there will be a small gap at the edges where the fabric is a little bit narrower (35mm to be exact) than the brackets, so if you’re looking for the best blackout coverage possible then you’ll need to order a slightly wider blind and install it outside of the window recess. This way you’ll prevent as much light seepage as possible.

These blinds come in both solid colour and pattern form, with more luxurious patterns or thicker weaves to the material – perfect for kitting out your bedroom and giving it an air of luxury.