Duo blinds have increased in popularity lately because they provide a great alternative to the normal shades or blinds which totally block out light. The main idea of blinds is to either block out the light or regulate how much comes in. But the only downside is you get patterns of light and dark as well as less natural light coming in. The benefit of using duo blinds is that there is a comfortable amount of natural light that seeps through but not enough to be blinding or to cast too much glare into the room. This gives rooms more lighting and can save on the power bill.

In the evening, it is often hard to see the edges of the house unless you own a set of floodlights, which are quite expensive. Having duo blinds means that you can leave the transparent layer up and just leave the lights on. This can give the illusion of people being home and also illuminates the outer parts of the house. This is most crucial when you have parties or events at home. Some might say, to get a few garden lamps and the like. But in reality not everyone can afford a whole set of garden lamps because they are expensive and consume a whole heap of power. With the light coming from your house, there should be enough ambient lighting to light the garden. This means that you end up spending less money on external lighting fixtures.

Duo blinds are also act as a bit of a screen to prevent insects from entering your house when you leave the window open. Having insects in the house can be annoying as well as dangerous to ones health as mosquitoes carry a variety of illnesses such as malaria, dengue and the like.

At the end of the day the choice is up to you. Having duo blinds is great because of the reasons mentioned above. They are a bit more costly compared to normal shades, but in reality they are more versatile and useful than a normal shade or blinds. The money is yours, but would you rather spend your money on cheap shades or on high quality multi-purpose duo blinds?