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An opportunity that will not be repeated in Beirut, Lebanon, where Somfy Blinds set Lebanon in a unique precedent for everyone who desires comfort and beauty and wants to enjoy modern life in its various manifestations.

In order to get Somfy Blinds Lebanon, you must not only memorize this by heart, but also specify what you want from these curtains accurately, in terms of the power of the motor that will deal with the curtain, the available prices and whether it is possible to install it in the place or not.

Important information about Somfy Blinds Lebanon makes it easy to obtain them

French-made curtains, which make them, combine elegance and quality of manufacture, and given the good trade relations between France and Lebanon, this is often what makes the Somfy Blinds brand in Lebanon strong and stable, which is reflected in its purchasing movements and thus makes its acquisition easy.

Somfy motors do not consume much electricity, which makes them economical and commensurate with the nature of electricity in Lebanon. It also makes the curtains move in an excellent way, covering the entire window, and creating the desired effect, it is undoubtedly required.

What if Somfy blinds Lebanon suffers damage of any kind?

You can immediately communicate with the company to find a solution to your problem according to its nature, and there you will find a lot of cooperation, love and respect from the customer service there. For the purchase but also the perfect transaction plays an important role to attract customers.

How to get Somfy Blinds in Lebanon?

You can check out our range online or visit our showroom. We have showrooms located in Beirut Souks, Allenby Street, Suit 2029, Level 2&3, Louis Vuitton Building, Solidere, Beirut – Lebanon.

Contact us on +961 1 957 744 to arrange for one of our Somfy Specialized Member to come to you.

We have Sales Consultants in your area, please call or email to arrange an appointment. Don’t forget to ask about our Beydoun Price Promise.


You may find this article important to share it with someone you know and he is also interested in reading our article in order to know how to get Somfy Blinds in Lebanon. We also hope that you will know through the company when communicating with it to purchase and otherwise how to take care of the curtains after their installation, so that they remain with you for as long as possible while they are in full splendor.