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In Lebanon specifically, where there is a special kind of summer, not only in terms of its weather temperatures, but also in terms of humidity and the nature of the winds, you find that there are certain types that are only found in Lebanon because they are most suitable for the people of the country to use without a doubt, and therefore, so as not to suffer from the trouble of searching for the right type, or perhaps you hear about a type on the Internet and search a lot and are surprised that it does not exist in Lebanon. In this article, we have collected for you the most popular types of Shade Sails available in your market, in order to make it easier for you to choose among them and get them easily.

Triangle Shade Sails

It is a sail that has the advantage that it can be installed on any of the facades of houses, or between walls, and its price is simple if we compare it to what needs a permanent structure.

Sun Shades for Garden

One of its functions is that it turns your garden into an elegant relaxation area so that you will enjoy your outdoor garden even under the harsh Lebanese weather conditions that we have already mentioned above.

Shade Sails Structure

It is perfect for your restaurant, playground or school. As usual, the sails protect the health of both your guests and their children by avoiding excessive exposure to the sun’s harmful rays, while also providing them with areas of cool shade sails.

Waterproof Shade Sails

Very excellent for resisting rain in winter, so it is widespread in Lebanon.

Note: These types are the most popular in Lebanon, and of course the colors we will not talk about, as they are your choice, which is according to your taste, so we do not have to interfere with it, so we did not give you advice about it.