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Blackout Curtains are blackout curtains as well as insulating sunlight, as they absorb heat and isolate external light from the room, they have multiple advantages and are easy to use, they can be pulled down to darken the room or pulled to get lighting.

The demand for this type of curtains increased after the noticeable rise in air temperature and the presence of the fashion for designing windows made of glass only, which helped to develop and diversify blackout models and their fabrics between thin and thick. Hence we had this article in which we will mention the most important types of blackout curtains to make it easier to choose among them.

Types of blackout curtains according to the place of manufacture

1. Blackout Spanish Curtains

It is manufactured in several places such as Spain, Turkey, China and Egypt, and this is due to its price discrepancy, and its opacity ranges between 60-85%, and this is the second reason for the price discrepancy.

2. American Blackout Curtains

This item is imported and is available in the market in small quantities and its price is high. It consists of three layers, and the layer in the middle is black, which prevents light from passing through.

Classification of blackout curtains according to uses

1. Blackout Curtains for Balcony

It is suitable for small and large apartments and villas, as it has a variety of designs.

2. Blackout Curtains for kids

Blackout children’s curtains come in many beautiful and elegant designs that suit children’s rooms because of their attractive and beautiful patterns, drawings and colors and make themselves the focus of attention of children of all tastes.

3. Blackout Office Curtains

It is famous for the use of metal blinds in many offices, because they are easy to control through the cord or electricity, and they are available in different colors, sizes and tastes depending on the space of the place to be installed.

4. Blackout Bedroom Curtains

One of the places that may need blackout curtains is the bedrooms, it is important and necessary to provide ideal sleeping conditions, whether in the daytime when napping where the bright sunlight or at night where the outside lights that may penetrate into the interior and which will inevitably need blackout curtains to block them Blackout curtains come in various designs and colors that suit bedrooms in all shapes and colors.