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In search of protection from the sun, which characterizes Lebanon in the summer, as well as protection from the rain that falls a lot in the winter, the residents turned there for a number of means that protect the open spaces that they have, such as squares, gardens, swimming pools, even car parks, and others, including shade sails and pergolas as well. The Umbrella Outdoor that we decided to single out in this article, where we explain to dear readers the most important types that they can rely on in use thanks to its advantages that we will also mention in the next few lines.

Car Parking Umbrella Outdoor

It is characterized by the fact that it relies on iron as a basic material in its manufacture so that it is sufficiently durable, and its advantages are that it provides shade for cars, so that they are not very hot when riding, which affects the condition of the car and disturbs those who ride it, and it also protects it from dust as well. As for the price, we cannot be certain if it is Expensive or cheap because the price depends on the size of the canopy, the area you will cover, and other things.

Umbrella Outdoor for Gardens and Yards

It is made of a cloth that protects from the sun and dust, and at the same time allows the entry of winds and cool breezes to the place.

Umbrellas Outdoor for schools and Mosques

This is to protect the worshipers next to the mosque from the sun in the summer and rain in the winter. In schools, it is necessary to protect the students who play in the school yard. It is necessary to be a city and accommodate the large numbers that will benefit from it, whether they are students or worshipers.