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Contrary to the usual ideas and tastes of people about curtains in that their role lies in blocking the light and darkening the rooms for the purpose of sleeping or the like, Sunscreen Curtains came to change that view completely. The place with blocking harmful rays and heat and enjoying the beautiful and useful sunlight, but what are the specifications of good sunscreen curtains, apart from other types? This question must be on the minds of everyone who wants to buy these curtains and is confused about choosing the right type. Well, if you want to know the answer, you should read this article to its end.

Sunscreen Curtains Material

The fabric for these curtains must be an engineering fabric that allows the passage of light and breaks the intensity of the sun so that it blocks the sun’s heat between the curtain and the glass in order to maintain the room temperature. The colors we leave to your taste and according to the decor of your place.

Curtain Rail

It is preferable that it be made of stainless material, as well as that it does not interact with the material of the curtain itself, and is fixed firmly so that it does not fall.


If you want to make the Sunscreen blinds move automatically, it must have a powerful motor that is carefully installed so that it is able to carry a weight of at least 11 kg, which is equivalent to 22 square meters.


It is preferable that it be of high quality, just like the material of the curtains, as it is not of value or importance as some might imagine.

Note: We add to all of the above that all components of the curtain must be resistant to sunlight, heat and fire for added quality.