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With the fact that our current era is characterized by practicality and the search for things more than aesthetic solutions, as well as the preference of many for the modern touch in decoration over the classic or aristocratic ones, blackout curtains have spread in Lebanon in an unprecedented and unexpected way, Therefore, at the request of the public, we will talk about it in this article in terms of all its advantages and disadvantages, so you have the opportunity to choose among them and use them properly, just like many consumers in Lebanon.

Advantages of Blackout Curtains

1- It is easy to install, so you do not need technicians or specialists in particular to do the matter.

2- Its fabric is strong and shields the light, which is why it is called blackout, so you can darken the place as well as block the view from strangers and intruders as you want.

3- Their prices are reasonable compared to other types of curtains.

4- It is easy to clean unlike many types of curtains, thanks to its simple structure and good materials that can be handled well in various cleaning operations.

5- Transparent curtains can be installed below them so that they serve two purposes, either blocking the light completely or allowing the light to enter the place without seeing the parts of the room at all. Especially since it has many types, colors and shapes.

Disadvantages of Blackout Curtains

1- It is not suitable for all home decorations, so it is necessary to consult an interior designer before installing it at home.

2- Not suitable for those who prefer that the curtains not block the light completely.

3- Sometimes the types, colors and decorations of fabrics or materials used in their manufacture do not satisfy many tastes, which make them choose other types.